A dish fit to set before the Queen

We’re fond on blackpudding.org of saying that, historically at least, our favourite dish was made for peasants but fit for princes. Now we have yet more evidence, as if it were needed, that black pudding is a truly royal repast.

It comes hot on the heels of the British princes William and Harry ordering up lashings of black pudding as a majestic hangover cure for the invited guests on the morning after the night before after the afternoon before that of the recent royal wedding. It also comes nearly 500 years after their ancestor (well, William’s ancestor) Henry V111 kept Hampton Court full to the gunwales of black pudding for his lavish banquets.

When Her Maj Queen Elizabeth 11 arrives in Dublin on May 17 for a three-day tour, the first ever visit by a British Head of State to the Republic of Ireland, she will be most royally greeted and treated. As well as a visit to the Guinness Storehouse at St James Gate and a somewhat controversial call at Croke Park (heck it’s all controversial), she will enjoy a state dinner at Dublin Castle.

So what dainty dish is fit to be set before the Queen?

Jack and Tim McCarthy

Well obviously there’s only one. Her majesty will be getting stuck into a majestic black pudding courtesy of McCarthy’s of Kanturk.

Jack McCarthy and his son Tim are delighted that their fabulous ceann tuirc, boar’s head black pudding is on the menu for the official state banquet at Farmleigh. And so will the Queen be once she’s tasted it.

To commemorate this singular honour, Jack and Tim have made a special commemorative ‘Royal Putog’ for the black pudding connoisseurs of Cork to enjoy. It’s been said jokingly often enough that it should be Sir Jack McCarthy and maybe this is the dish that will clinch the deal!

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