Blunzen first, second and last

When it comes to black pudding, there’s no doubt that the Viennese know how to do things in style.

A high-level catering management forum was held last week in the prestigious Le Méridien hotel in the Austrian capital to promote and discuss new products. In keeping with their impressive surroundings and high-profile guest list, the occasion demanded a gala dinner of the highest quality.

The organisers of the a3GAST Experts Forum called on blunzenmeister supreme Franz Dormayer from nearby Langenzersdorf to provide them with an evening of top quality fare and he duly delivered. Every dish of every course – starter, main and dessert – was of black pudding!

Franz, who has won over 200 awards for his wide variety of blunzen and is a Chevalier du Gôute-Boudin, is regularly asked to cater for such prominent events. In Vienna, it is not unusual for black tie celebrations to solely feature black pudding, such is the local appreciation of the dish.

On this occasion, Franz collaborated with Le Méridien’s chef Erich Cochlar to produce a stunning array of black pudding dishes, including a number of sweet creations. The results can be seen at the top and bottom of this page.

Franz Dormayer and Erich Cochlar
Franz was assisted by his son Markus, himself a master butcher and the winner of gold medals at several black pudding competitions across Europe.

The evening was deemed a fabulous success and Dormayer blunzen was praised to the sky. Here’s a breakdown of Franz’s black pudding menu for the gala dinner (any mistakes in translation are ours…).


Terrine of wild garlic black pudding with rocket jelly
Peach black pudding with grilled shrimp
Apricot black pudding with confit of scallop
Wontons of Asian spices black pudding on spicy cabbage
Calvados apple mille-feuille black pudding with Waldorf salad
Date black pudding on houmous

Main Dishes:
Orange black pudding with confit of wild trout and green asparagus
Baked cranberry black pudding with lamb stew
Black pudding with sauerkraut and  tavern wine

Pineapple black pudding with elderberry
Walnut black pudding with blue-candy
Black pudding pancake with plum sauce
Strawberry black pudding fruit dumplings
Mozart and pistachio pudding pie with vanilla sauce

All photographs are courtesy of www.haliklik

Franz Dormayer’s amazing black pudding range can be seen at http://www.dormayer.at/

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