On the horn of a black pudding dilemma

Dave Lee is one of the world’s leading horn players and has played principal horn for all the world’s key conductors, including Sir John Barbarolli, Sir Adrian Boult, Rudolf Kempe and Sir Georg Solti. He is the horn soloist with the Michael Nyman Band, touring the world and giving concerts with this exciting British composer.

He has worked with leading composers and performers from Henry Mancini and John Williams to Shirley Bassey and Robbie Williams. His close association over the last 20 years with Andrew Lloyd Webber has involved his participation on all his recorded works on film, CD and television. However Dave has an obsession that surpasses even his love for music. Here, he explains all in his own words.

I obviously need help. Obsessions can be dangerous to your health.

You will see in the gallery on my website  the odd picture of a Black Pudding moment. I may take it myself or a similarly affected soul may send one to me in a true act of compassion. Whole tours to foreign parts – France, Spain, Mexico, Lancashire – have been blighted by the need to seek out and devour this singular culinary devil. Sleek, shiny black exterior. Soft, crumbling, spicy interior. Expeditions have been made to find the best establishment offering this delicacy.

I’m continually surprised by its appearance when it’s least expected. Maybe I’m now finding myself unwittingly in the very places created around its production! A sort of synchronicity with an inanimate pudding. I may need more help than I think.

Of course, my friends in the Michael Nyman Band look after me. Maybe they are just being kind to hide their own afflictions, who knows. However, thanks to them I have found some good ones!

  • On top of the known Spanish world in Burgos – a beauty with plenty of spice and fair share of meal. In Tenerife – served as a tapas starter, it became the main course as well.
  • In good French restaurants in London – Boudin Noir. First skinned and then grilled or slowly poached. Served with fried egg and mushrooms or creamy mash and gravy.
  • On market stalls all over northern Europe. Bring one home as a present! It’s the way to a partner’s heart etc!

Having acquired your pudding (Bury market or Waitrose have best ones!) try this:-

Skin and slice pudding into half inch thick pieces.
Slice an eating apple into thinnish pieces.
Melt some butter into heavy-bottomed frying pan over medium high heat. Throw in the apples to caramelise on both sides. Remove from pan when done onto a warm plate. Turn up the heat and quickly fry the pudding until crispy on the outside and warm on the inside.
Toss on top of apples and pour over any remaining butter from pan.
Great supper dish – obviously a glass of Westons Organic Cider or two would be a great complement!



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