Breakfast fit for princes

It had been our intention to keep this site a Royal Wedding-free zone this week, given the acres of coverage that it has had, and will continue to have, everywhere else. We’ve nothing against either William or Kate but there’s only so much ‘news’ you can take before you want to hit your head against the nearest wall.

However our minds have been grudgingly changed. Not by the legions of flag wavers who have been camping outside Buckingham Palace since Tuesday. Not by Wills and Katie claiming that they are moved by the public’s affection. Not even by the ‘news’ that the Syrian ambassador has been bumped off the guest list. No, we have been swayed by the best man. Step forward Harry, prince of the realm, soldier of fortune, nightclub loyalty card holder and man of considerable discernment.

Prince Harry it is who has been charged with looking after the culinary welfare of the partygoers who will still be loitering round the bedrooms of Buck House on the morning after the night before. The invited guests are expected to be partying in the Palace’s nineteen staterooms well into the early hours after the “wedding of the year”. Such partying will not be for “the oldies” according to a palace source who spoke to that august publication The Sun, “but for the young ones”.

Harry, falling back on the strategic planning learned in His Grandmother’s Forces, has made sure that a night of champagne, cocktails and spirits (Kate has banned beer, apparently) will be met with suitable rations in the am. To whit, the young prince has prepared a “survivors’ breakfast” (we think the palace chefs will actually prepare it). And what is the key ingredient of said survivors’ brekkie? You’ve guessed it – black pudding.

Harry has ordered a right old proper fry up for 6 am and The Sun has reported that he’s ensured that as well as eggs, sausages, bacon, baked beans and fried bread, that there will be lashings of his favourite black pudding. If anyone out there knows which butcher or producer has provided the black pudding for the Royal hangover cure then please let us know.

The young princes have history of indulging in post-binge black puds. William and Harry attended the stag do of their cousin Peter Philips in 2008 and it was reported that the next morning, the party all got stuck into full breakfasts with black pudding and mugs of builders tea.

Harry is of course following in the gout-ridden footsteps of his great-great- great-great- great-great- great-great- great-great- great-great- great-great- great-great- great-great-great grandfather King Henry V111 who loved black pudding with a passion and always insisted it be part of the regular and lavish banquets that he held in Hampton Court.

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  1. Excellent news. I am aware that the Prince William breakfasted frequently at the Rusacks Hotel in St. Andrews as a student. Bacon rolls and coffee are described as a “Prince William” by those in the know. He may have also sampled the BP there, a place to start your investigation as to his favoured maker …..

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