Black pudding? Piece of cake for Bryan

Bryan McCarthy is head chef at the prestigious Springfort Hall, an 18th century manor house in Mallow, County Cork. He describes himself as a food producer, baker, meat dryer, artisan, pork lover and meat smoker.
Basically he will try anything and everything.
Here, in words and pictures, he leads us through a hugely  successful attempt at making blood cake.
Start with blood. This is five pigs worth.
Back fat. This stuff cured and smoked is better than butter on toast. Throw in some piccalilli and it's a gastronomic masterpiece.
Onions and fat sautéing. At this stage the salt, sugar and spices are in the blood along with a good slosh of whiskey doesn't have to be anything special powers will do keep the good stuff for the visitors.
Adding the barley and the oats.
The next part is like creme anglaise. Cook slowly while stirring continuously till thick. I'm making blood cake in tins as I don't have the patience after last time to use beef middles again 1 in 5 burst on me water too hot probably plus this is a massive batch. I have 40 1 pound loaf tins
Nearly there and I'm getting excited now.
Nope, it's not chocolate but it's at least as tasty.
Fabulous. Much more successful as a blood cake. Needs a little bit more salt buts tastes amazing.

Bryan McCarthy’s latest ventures into great gastronomy can be found on his blog  http://www.newfoodie2012.blogspot.com/

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