Swann on a sticky wicket

England cricketer Graeme Swann came under a Twitter onslaught today – for not having black pudding with his breakfast.

The test star was in a spin after posting a photograph of his breakfast plate on the hugely-popular social networking site. Swann’s fry-up included sausage, bacon, fried bread, hash browns, beans, tomatoes, egg and mushrooms. But crucially and unforgivably according to Twitter, it was without one vital ingredient.

Swann was immediately bombarded with tweets from his followers demanding to know where the black pudding was. Typical was the tweet from GeeJbee71 who said, “It’s not a proper breakfast without black pudding.” Or AdamClarke501 who asked simply, “But where’s the black pudding?” LeeRowles summed it up for many when he said, “No black pudding?!? Sacrilege!”

Within minutes of posting his black pudding-free fry-up, the spinner was on a sticky wicket as over twenty(20) of his followers wanted to know, “Howzat, Swanny?”

Blackpudding.org has tried to contacted Swann, seeking to understand if this was simply an oversight or a deliberate snub to the black pudding but he was unavailable for comment as we went to press…

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