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Black Pudding in Numbers

first world championships at Mortagne au Perche
the first known mention of black pudding is in Homer's Odyssey around 800BC
November's the month when Andalucians embark on a pig-killing fiesta to stock up for the winter
Saw the birth of Charles Menendez MacLeod, a pioneer of Stornoway black pudding

Everyone Is Talking About Black Pudding

Pigs are very beautiful animals.  There is no point of view from which a really corpulent pig is not full of sumptuous and satisfying curves

The Uses of Diversity ─ GK Chesterton

One time, I was in this fancy restaurant in London, and I ordered black pudding. I thought it was, like, chocolate pudding.  But it’s pig’s blood!  It was so nasty, I spit my food out on the table right there in front of all these people!

Food Horror ─ Carmen Electra

Thus he chided with his heart, and checked it into endurance, but he tossed about as one who turns a paunch full of blood and fat in front of a hot fire, doing it first on one side and then on the other, that he may get it cooked as soon as possible.

The Odyssey ─ Homer

Black pudding’s very black today, mother, even the white bits are black

The Testing of Eric Olthwaite ─ Michael Palin